I hunt a succubus

As I raced up to the house, I knew that she was there. The “she” in question was a succubus, one of the worst. For this one had immortalized herself into every child’s heart, so when she showed up, she was never opposed. She… was Cinderella. As I hastened up the driveway, I hoped I wasn’t too late.

I kicked open the door and saw her having her way with a man in front of his wife and kid. He seemed to be enjoying it. The sick fuck.

“He hasn’t done anything to you!” I screamed at her. She seemed amused. “On the contrary,” she responded. “He has done rather a lot.” Cinderella giggled as the man began to lick her nipples. With one smooth motion, I unsheathed my concealed blade and stabbed her through her eyesocket. She screamed as black blood coursed out of the wound. “Remember, April of ’09!” I stabbed again, this time through one breast. “Remember, the brick house!” I stabbed a final time through the top of her brittle skull. “You can sleep now, Martha.” I muttered as I walked out the door. “You can sleep”

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