When Worlds Collide

Work started like normal, Helena, Simon and I stood by the registers talking about school and awesome bands. My preppy sister’s boyfriend came into the store and grabbed my hand dragging me from the store.
“Where are you taking me?” I protested while punching his hand that was clenching my right wrist in a death grasp. “Your sister needs you it’s an emergency.” Chris said, not paying any attention to my pathetic escape attempt.
When we got into the store I gagged on the horrid perfume smell. “Ok, what do you need now?” I said trying not to lose all of my brain cells. “I need your help deciding what to wea-”“Oh no.” I interjected, “I am NOT helping you decide what to wear. We don’t even have the same style.” I pointed out even though it was obvious. I mean seriously I’m wearing a black and red striped hoodie and zebra striped skinny jeans while she’s wearing an Abercrombie t-shirt and bleached jeans.

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