The Creep Gets Rejected

“Hey there.” A somewhat familiar voice said. I looked up to see the creep from the bus standing over me. “I didn’t git ta properly introduce myself ’fore.”

I gave him a disgusted look as he sat down besides me. “That’s because I don’t want to know a creep like you.”

“Ouch. That stings.” He grinned his awful smile and moved his leg towards mine so they were touching. “My name’s Dylan. I woulda told ya sooner, ifa that dick Nathaniel hadn’ta gotten in my way. But don’t you worry none. I took good care’a him. He won’t bother us today.”

I instantly was overcome with worry. I bolted upright and screeched at Dylan, “What did you do?!”

“Nuthin’” He drawled, wiping his hand against his jeans. That’s when I noticed the blood on the tip of his shoe.

“I would call you an ass, but you are so much lower then that it would be a compliment to you.” I hissed as I stormed away. I went to the nearest boy’s bathroom and saw a trail of blood on the floor. I followed that to the main office, desperate to find Nathaniel.

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