What do you do when the world doesn't end?

She awoke with a start, feeling that she had overslept and missed an appointment. Squinting in the sunlight, she began to untangle herself from the dew-dampened blanket. Her brain registered the fact that the sun seemed to be fairly high in the sky. Then she remembered.

The world was supposed to end.

That was the whole point in being out on the porch: To welcome the end with open arms. But she was still here. She walked out her front door and saw her neighbors doing the same. All with the same puzzled expression she was sure was on her own face. She wished she had watched the news to know what was supposed to be causing “the end”.

Questions raced through her head.

Why were we all still here? What had happened? What hadn’t happened?

Most importantly: Why was disappointment the only emotion she felt ?

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