Waterfall of Tears

The nurse shouted, “Come in!”

I was almost bursting when I came through the door. I must have looked half mad because I was already crying at seeing the blood, causing my mascara to run, and my hair had fallen loose from running down the halls to the nurses office.

“Nathaniel!” I choked. His face was already bruising and there was dried blood around his mouth. The nurse was stripping away his shirt as I looked him over. He had a big bruise along his side. Seeing this I burst into a new fit of tears.

Nathaniel looked at me and tried to say something but ended just wincing in pain. I let out a small noice because of his pain. The nurse looked pointedly at me and then Jack and said calmly, “Get her out of here.”

Jack put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me into him. He lead me out of the room Nathaniel was in and we sat down on a bench just outside the door. He wrapped his other arm around me and pulled my head onto his shoulder.

“It’s alright, love… He’s strong. He’ll pull through. Don’t worry.”

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