Percolate and Waffle, Kitten-Nabbers

The Humans moved fast, grabbing Waffle by the scruff of the neck. She hissed at them, claws spread wide, though helpless in her dangling. The Humans made human noises at her and held her high in the air.

Percolate had no choice now, his blood was boiling. He got up from the porch and barked furiously at them, jumping up to put his front paws on the fence. “Hey, Cat-nabbers!” He barked. “Put the kitten DOWN!” he growled. Even though Humans don’t understand Dog, they know a ferocious growl when they hear one. They flung Waffle over the fence, high, her kitten scream piercing Percolate’s eardrums.

Percolate jumped for her, trying to prevent an injury, but his old lazy body slowed him up. She landed lightly on her paws, belly just touching the ground. “Oof.”

“Percolate! You were trying to save me!” Waffle shook herself.
“Don’t flatter yourself. I just didn’t like the smell of those Humans.”
“You want to do it again?!” Waffle enthused.

Percolate went to the porch.
“I’m tired anyway.” Waffle conceded.

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