The four kids stood on the corner, waiting for the bus. Darren grabbed the cigarrette and lit it. He turned to Maggie who looked up at him, squinting from the sun’s glare. "What will happen if you tell mom this?’

“You’ll throw me in a river,” Maggie replied with a frown. Darren looked at her and grinned, “You’re damn right I will.”

Sun Pahannanoonie glanced up and said, " Do you know how many people die from those?" Kory, Darren’s friend puffed smoke in Sun’s face and yelled, “Go back to India, bitch!” Sun looked down and squeezed her books to her chest.

Kory turned to Darren and tapped his arm, “Dude, this cig has gotta be the best I’ve had.” Darren looked at him sarcasticly. “Dude, it’s only a ciggarrette. You’re having a fucking orgasm over it.”

Kory laughed. “You know what’s better though?” he asked.

Darren smiled, “What?” Kory reached into his black Underarmor bag and pulled out a joint of weed. “Want some?” Darren glanced at Maggie, gave her another menacing look, and grabbed the joint. *

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