The Intense Bride (Profile Challenge)

Yeah we were on the run, and I don’t mean the way you run away from college loans or bad credit scores. I am talking about the way starving children in sudan would run down a truck full of Frankenberries.
Six months ago we walked away from the agency and they had never stopped tracking us.
The night we stayed at the Olivier House Hotel was different. somehow a calm had swept over me. That is why I didn’t hear the agent’s gun cock behind my head.
“How did you find us?”
“Actually it was easy, Eloquent mess is a synonym for beautiful disaster. Beautiful disaster is an oxymoron. Oxymoron are phrases that by their very nature are upside down, and Marli you are from the land down under.” The Agent Froze when he saw the smile on my face.
I didn’t even get the words out explaining that I was not Marli, when my fiance painted the honeymoon suite with government property(brains).
“Oh honey its all in your cereal.” She said.
As the blood mixed with my Captain Crunch I thought, “Looks like Frankenberries, how odd.”

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