YOU PROMISED!!! (meteor challenge)

Beth stared at the TV in wonder as the news reporter sadly informed her of the meteor bound to hit the Earth in just a few days. August 2nd, to be precise.

“I TOLD YOU SO!” Nolan shouted into the phone receiver from the other end.

“But, but-I made that promise in high school, that was ten years ago!”

“But you promised! And do you want to die as the kind of person who goes back on a sworn promise?!”

Beth was silent for a long time, knowing that he had gotten to her. She always kept her promises. Now it was happening, a meteor was headed towards Earth and everyone was going to die. Her friend hadn’t even mentioned her promise all these years-until now. He was right too, she didn’t want to die having broken a sworn agreement.

“Fine, I’ll be over in five minutes.”

“I knew this day would come!” Nolan said triumphantly.

“Shut up, Nolan, I only agreed to that because I never thought we would actually someday face our imminent death!”

“A promise is a promise.”



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