Oh Smeg (Meteor Challenge)

Three, two, one. We’ve arrived, said Holly, his face glum on the screen.

Yeah, but arrived where asked Listor. The box labeled Holly Hop Drive let out noises like an ancient whoopee cushion releasing the last remnants of Babylonian air.

That noise just makes me all freaky weaky, said The Cat. It mussed my hair. And I just spent six hours getting it to look good.

Rimmer (BSc SSc) said, Knowing Holly we could be anywhere in the universe. Or anywhere in any alternate universe for that matter.

We’re in orbit above Earth, said Holly glumly.

Earth! Home! We made it home, cried Lister.

I can finally get some new mops and brushes, a happy Kryten intoned.

Enjoy it while you can, said Holly. It’s about to be hit in six minutes by a meteor the size of Wales.

Whales? said Cat. They’re just big fishies. Oh I’m going to eat you little fishies, ‘Cause I like eating fish. He licked his lips.

Oh Smegg off said Lister, we need a hero to fix this.

Smoke me a kipper, I’ll be back before breakfast spoke Ace.


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