Ink It!

“Hello, and today on Ink It!, we’ll compare challenge as inspiration vs. challenge as advertising. Our guests today aren’t very important – but what they say is certainly important. Guest #1?”

“Challenges are tools to inspire – they’re ways to bring new ideas to writers to let them run off in directions they themselves didn’t quite intend. Plus, calling one story the ‘winner’ can demean the award-worthy content of other authors. We could even have endless challenges. It’s groovy. Challenges are raves.”

“Counterpoint – Guest #2?”

“Challenges can bring new readers to great writers – in the flood of great writing, it’s good to get some names out there that new writers can focus on. In addition, judging good writing is tough, but it forces one to become more active in the critiquing of good writing, which is what the site’s about. It’s healthy. Challenges are forges.”

“Both sides, well-put. Let’s take a break to see if our studio audience calls in with questions. It’s the hot-button topic of the day.”

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