I bit back the slue of questions I had for him. I didn’t want bombard him with tons of questions and worry when he was obviously hurting. I took his and and we walked to our class together. All three of us were silent until Jack had to turn a corner.

“You gunna be okay?” He asked Nathaniel.

Nathaniel gave me a glance and smiled, answering, “As long as she’s around.”

Jack rolled his eyes and laughed and I blushed. “Alright. See ya.”

We walked into our class together and the teacher slaughtered us with questions as to our extrem tardiness. I answered them all to the best of my ability because Nathaniel was winded from the walk. I helped Nathaniel sit down and sat down next to him. Under my desk I sent a text to Nathaniel.

i guess this means r plans 4 l8er r canceled =(
darn… didnt think bout those… raincheck?
guess i dont rlly get a choice do i?
im sorry… its that dicks fault
thats his name… he told me… at lunch…
he talked to you?!
yeah… dw i dissed him

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