Let us eat cake? Yeah right. (Rap Challenge)

Just a curse to the one percent
cause my smokes are higher than
meds and rent
The reason my new can goods
came from the store
with brand new dents.
The reason my boyfriend
is rentin his ass to a republican
called Mr. Trent.
Before he violated,
now he’s in the tents.
The reason we wont forget
9/11 hell? What about suckin dict for cigerettes
Why i am in the 9th ward scoring dope
my viens cost three hundred a day
But they wont sell me a dime bag of hope.
The reason we are becoming more perverse
the reason the administration tries to stop this verse
The “haves” consume like they have somehow forgot
What happened at the bastille
by the hands of the “have nots”.
The one percent
That crucifies
ethnically purifies
Watches palestinians cry
Steals our hours one dime at a time.
Would charge babies tax
for milk from breast
Would make heart attack patients hire bail bondsmen
For Cardiac arrest
I am glad Mr. Henry can’t see
them Kill boys for liberty, and then tax us for death.

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