The girl he was just locking lips with slapped him across the face.

“Who’s that?” She demanded, tears welling in her eyes. “Another girlfriend?”

“No. No, no, no.” She looked so hurt it was killing me, but Tyson was just shaking his head back and forth like an idiot mumbling no to himself.

I took a deep breath and squared my shoulders, tucking my emotions safely behind closed doors and turned to face the girl. I told her, “I’m his ex. We dated for a little over a year, but last year we ended it. I used to live in Iowa, so the long distance thing didn’t quite work out… But we were very close for that year… sadly we lost touch though…”

I said the last part very quietly, shifting my gaze to Tyson.

“Why are you here?” He stumbled out.

I sighed and told him, “My dad lost his job… he found one here and so we moved.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He cried.

“You were ignoring me for the first couple months after we broke up. I thought you didn’t care any more…” I whispered.

“Arianna, I’ll always care.”

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