The Order Cuts To The Chase

The crew of the newly renamed USS Ficly obeyed Captain Jason’s orders to the best of their abilities.

“There she blows!” The Captain cried, pointing off the starboard rail.

The SS AOL loomed in the not-so-distant distance. It was chrome, blue and corporate looking, one of the most terrifying sights the Order had ever seen.

“Will she catch us Captain?” G2 asked anxiously.

“Of course not!” Captain Jason scoffed. “The USS Ficly is a fast girl. And with my imaginative design, those Corporates will never catch us!”

“Captain!” Cried First Mate Kevin. “They’ve unleashed the Code Sharks!”

Captain Jason’s face flushed with alarm, then he turned to G2. “Get to the piano and strike up a lively tune!” He commanded.

“Why?” She asked, shocked.

“Because my dear,” the Captain intoned. “It is time to cut to the chase.”

Lone Writer was the only one who laughed.

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