When worlds Collide 3

“Five minutes, then I’m out of here.” Just as I said this the new guy walks over carrying an extremely large pile of clothes. “Viv, this is Parker. Parker this is my little sister Vivian.”
“Hi.” He said with an amazing smile.
“Hey.” I said monotone.
“What’s up?” He asked being overly friendly.
“I’m stuck here, and you?”
“Same, I’m stuck here till my shifts over.” He said once again flashing a gorgeous smile.
I couldn’t help smiling back at him. I looked down at my watch and saw my five minutes were up. “Well it was nice meeting you. See you later sis.” I said as I rushed out of the store.
Helena and Simon smiled as I walked into Hot Topic. “So where was the fire?” Helena asked when I jumped over the register counter. “She needed me to stay with her until her shift was over.”
“Wow, can’t she just stay alone?” Simon asked. “No.” I said while I rung some girl’s clothes up.

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