When Worlds Collide 4

Work went by too quickly. I locked up the store, said bye to Helena and Simon and headed my separate way. When I got to the parking lot there were two cars left, mine and one I didn’t notice. It was a classic, black mustang.
When I saw the driver I knew instantly it was that annoyingly happy new employee that worked with Rachel. His car was parked next to my red Ferrari. “Move out of the way!” I growled when he tried talking to me, stepping in front of my door.
“No,” he said defiantly “Not until we talk.”
“Alright then start talking.”
“Well, do you want to hang out sometime?”
Not what I was expecting him to ask, but sure I’ll humor him. “Yeah, why not hang out.”
“Ok, cool. Let’s go to the beach Saturday.” He stated more then asked. “If that’s alright.”
“Yeah, I’ve been dying to go to the beach.” I said half enthused.
“I’ll pick you up at your place.” He said while letting me get into my car finally. “Ok. See you then.” I said revving my engine. I waved and drove towards my beach house.

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