They Know

He ducked back inside quickly – the sound of sirens wailing off into the distance. It had been three days since he’d discovered the awful truth – that they knew about his operations, his little schemes; and were coming to get him.

He shivered as the bleakness of his future hit home. He’d always been a bit of a shady operator – the odd deal here or there – but never anything too big, or too greedy. He always used his full name in business of course: William. It made him seem more trustworthy, and let him keep a low profile. Even so, they were after him now. The wanted signs all over the new shopping mall and cinema complex, taunted him, as if to say We’re coming to get you. His psychiatrist wouldn’t be calling him delusional now, would she?

If he could just get in touch with Al, he could get some fake ID, maybe make it across the border. His old life here was no longer safe. He would have to become someone else. As the signs had said: Bill Posters will be Prosecuted

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