Deer Crossing

“But Bambi, I…” Faline stammered, eyes wide and tearful.

“Times change. Needs change,” Bambi said cooly. Thumper chuckled and flicked his cigarette against an oak, watching if it would spark the detritus among the roots.

Eyes narrowing in growing rage, Faline hissed, “I trusted you. The things we did…that I let you do…”

“Save me your indignation, sister. Just leave. While you still can.” Horns scraping on low hanging branches the Prince of the Forest, newly crowned leader of the herd, snarled. Thumper beat out a steady rhythm. It was all she could do to restrain herself from punting the cocky little fluff ball. She knew better. She knew Flower, the enforcer, would be skulking around somewhere.

“I guess I just can’t believe I didn’t see it coming,” she finally said over her shoulder as she turned to go.

Thumper mocked, “Shoulda seen the sign, toots. This here’s the place fer one thing and one thing only: Deer Crossing.”

“Ignorant Lepus,” she shot back.

“Stupid Cervidae,” he rejoined.

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