Slippery When Wet

“License and registration please.”

“Yes, sir. May I ask why you pulled me over?”

“Have you been drinking… Mr. Hamilton?”

“Certainly not! Why did you pull me over?”

“You haven’t been drinking? Do you have a cell phone, Mr. Hamilton?”

“Why, yes I do. But I don’t see where that answers my question.”

“Were you texting on that cell phone?”

“No. Officer, why did you pull me over?”

“Step out of the car Mr. Hamilton.”

“I will not. Explain why you stopped me.”

“Mr. Hamilton, I stopped you because you were swerving all over the road.”

“I was only following directions.”

“Excuse me?”

“The sign. About a mile and a half back.”

“What sign?”

“The yellow one with a car and swerving lines behind it. It means to drive swervingly.”

“No. It actually means slippery when wet.

“Oh. But, the road isn’t wet.”

“Exactly, Mr. Hamilton.”

“Then why place a sign here?”

“It’s to inform drivers to proceed with caution in rainy weather.”

“I see. So, you are saying that it is going to rain?”

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