Falling Rocks

Officer Stern arrived at the scene promptly. As the cop in a town with a population of 102, he didn’t usually have much to do but sit around and eat donuts at Manny’s Diner. But today was different: today, he had received a call from a newcomer, somebody just passing through.

“Thank God you’re here, Officer,” said an old woman. “I was driving along when I saw that sign. I thought nothing of it, until I looked up!” Stern looked up, the facts and circumstances clicking into place. Above the road was a cliff, overlooking a lake. Some cliffs might have rained pebbles now and then. This was a different story.

Up on the cliff was a group of six or more teenagers. Stern shook his head, imagining the teens on a road trip, passing through until they saw the sign. And, teens as they were, they couldn’t resist something “Rockin’!”

A boy in nothing but his underwear faced the road, his back to the lake. A friend gave him a shove, and the last thing they heard before he hit the water was “Falling Rocks!

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