The Fall of Man, Part II

April 20th, 1 L.E.

I have decided to begin dating my diary entries with “L.E.” Lunar Era. The Earth exploded today.

4, 21, 1 L.E.

Screams over the radios. Thousands, tens of thousands of people dying in orbit. I can’t believe they survived yesterday. We have a crew trying to figure out who still has a hope of survival among all those dying.

4, 22, 1 L.E.

People are coming here, and to the other moon colonies. People that we can’t support. Things look bad. The people already here prone to panic are panicking, those prone to survival are planning. We were landing 4 tons of raw materials at this base every two weeks before…

4/23/1 L.E.

Emergency meeting last night. We are going to help people, scavenge raw materials from the debris of Earth, and build defenses. A lot to do with limited resources. Avon Base was hit by a big chunk of ice, we believe everybody was lost when the base depressurized.

4/24/1 L.E.

The 1st refugees have arrived. The first fights over resources have broken out. No murders. Yet.

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