Stimulus, Taxes and Rap

MJ Young, I saw ya rappin’
Complain’ ‘bout taxes
All da money you send
When da gov’ment axes
Den you vote fo’ da man
Dat promise you hope
It’s all an illusion
‘Cause here’s da straight dope

Ya don’t remember da sixties
When kids got da vote,
LBJ was da prez
An’ he made dis a quote
A war on pov-er-ty
we now shall declare
and he raised all our taxes
to show dat we care

Sixty billion we spent
From dat day to dis
What we got fo’ our money
Ain’t wort a bucket o’ piss
Da percent-age o’people
Still in pov-er-ty
Aint changed one Iota
It’s still you and me

Half da money we make
Dey take out in taxes
I aint bustin no rhyme
I’m just givin’ you fact’es
Da p’centage of income
Dey stealin’ from us
Makes me madder dan hell
Wish a cap I could bust.

Kennedy, Reid, Dodd,
Barney Frank an’ Pelosi
Made a deal to steal money
Dat fo’ dem was so cosey
We know dat a crisis
You nevah should waste
So we past a stim-ulus
In a whole lotta haste

43 thou to da lowest 15 p’cent
would buy us some healthcare
and pay lots a rent

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