Beeks and Luke

So, now that you know a little bit about Kayla. I guess it’s time to talk about me. I’m formally known as Rebecca, but most people call me Beeks. I don’t have the highest GPA in my grade and I’m not the prettiest girl out there. I just get along day by day, doing the best I can.

Oh, and I’m Kayla’s best friend. Partly because she doesn’t seem to get along with many other girls… hm… I wonder why. You see, Kayla always seems to end up with the boy that every girl out there wants. I don’t think she does it purposely. That’s just the way things end up.

Her current boy toy? Luke Michael Thomas. Only the best athlete, most popular, all around perfect guy.

So what’s the big deal? Yeah, that’s the question I asked myself at first. I almost wish I could still ask myself that. But I definitly can’t anymore. Not after what I found out, just last night. This is the thing that now has me questioning my friendship and my morals, all at the same time.

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