Audio Assistance for Visually Impared

My idiot car decided to stop working today at a stop light. Then, with the actions of turning it off, waiting a minute, and rubbing my tummy and head at the same time, it started up again.
I had a few errands to run for my mom who was sick with some weird flu virus (probably the Swine—Damn them pigs!) I had to go grocery shopping, which, of course, I was completely broke because my car payment (that hasn’t really hasn’t been paying off—my car is a death trap on wheels) took up all my cash. My used car came from a history, no doubt of drug deals and nights at the drive-in.
As a pulled up to the closest ATM, I looked to screen, ready to get the cash and go.
I punched the buttons, quickly, as a sign caught my eye, in small print: Audio Assistance for the Visually Impared.

What? “Visually Impared”? How the hell are “visually impared” supposed to see with their visual imparments the sign that says there is assistance for them, the visually impared?

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