She Protected The Innocent

“Hey I invited my roommate up. She’s never seen this movie.” The tall, dark haired, Jewish girl announced.
“Dude, you serious?!” Cute guy No. 1 said.
“Is she hot?” Cute guy No. 2 wondered.

“Hey, I’m not into that, so I won’t judge, but you have to know, she’s allergic to smoke, okay? So don’t smoke around her.”
“That’s cool. If she’s hot..” Cute guy No. 2 had a pillow thrown at his head with deadly accuracy.

The guys gave the roommate a once over, she had a nice body, but she looked fragile and cautious. She was clearly uncomfortable here and that was not sexy.
“So, I’m cooking! Be good while I’m in the kitchen!” The tall one kept an ear open for chatter she felt the roommate was too innocent to hear.
“Hey now, I’m the best smokin’ buddy you got!” She tried to give them the hint to redirect their convo, as she could tell they were about to invite the roommate to their next pot party. Luckily, the bookish roommate had no clue and simply stuck with the plan that she was allergic.
“Someone press play!”

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