Fo'Fathers (Rap Challenge)

All my brothas and sistas best lend me yo ears
I’m gonna break it down for ya nice and clear
the U S of A been founded by thugs
from the pimps on the ships to the downright smug.
Franklin, my man, was a crazy cat
an inventor and a diplomat
with lightning rods and abolitionists
still had time for his hot mistress!
Now what about Mister Washington,
drugged and dazed on laudanum
lost his teeth but still looked ill
dat’s why he’s on our dolla bill!
Adams was a killer defender
for the Boston Massacre.
Jefferson was a gunnin’ man
fightin to keep rifles in our hands.
John Jay fought to free the slaves
fought till he was laid in his grave.
Madison and Hamilton fought their cause
pushing the constitution without pause.
All our founding fathers, see
radicals and revolutionaries
oldest thugs in history
without them we’d never be free.

Fo sho.

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