Pony eyes... Cute or Sinister?

Rebecca had just began her walk home from school when she saw an old horse trapped in a yard. She was about nine. She only got to walk home from school because it was about two minutes from her house.

“Oh theres a sucker i can use. Haven’t eaten in months.”

The Horse reared cutely for the girl. It trotted up to her alongside the fence.

“Hello there!” She said petting the pony

“Eww i go through this all the time i hate it.” the pony thought

Soon the girl and the horse were great “friends”. She moved her head to get a better look if his dark mysterious eyes and then it happened. There was an intense pain then nothing. When the girl woke up she realized she had spent far to long a time with the pony. She began the long walk home only to realize- she was the pony. She cried out and screamed, but it came out as a frightened “neigh”. She spotted her body and trotted towards it. It was walking calmy up the road.


“Oh hush. I’ll give you back your body after a week or two.”
The girl cried.

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