Teamup, pt. 2

The next zombie’s head disappeared in a flash, crack, and puff of smoke. Levi had to fight the instinct to toss aside the empty pistol, instead shoving it into his bandoleer. He could reload later, if they lived, and there would be many more zombies to kill.

Makoto tossed a handful of shuriken. He hit three zombies, but only one fell, the other two lurching forward despite their injuries. He quickly drew his blade, slashing with the nimble sword until both rotting heads dropped wetly to the ground.

“We have to get to higher ground!” Levi shouted.

The ninja turned toward him, but only shrugged and shook his head. “Wakarimasen.”

Levi cursed as he chopped a zombie head in two with his cutlass. It was a heck of a way to learn a language. Finally, he pointed toward the old castle on the hill. “We can hold out up there!”

The ninja nodded, and the two started running toward the stone fortress’s ominous walls. They didn’t know it wasn’t as abandoned as it looked….

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