When Worlds Collide 6

My father lost because Leone had his followers attack him. My mother was so destroyed that she jumped off of the nearest cliff and died on impact. My adoptive mom was there, she knew about me because her and my mom were sisters and she promised my mom if something happened to them that she would take care of me.
Great story, I know. That’s my life though.
I fell backwards on my bed and closed my eyes. Just as I was about to fall asleep my phone rang.
“Hello?” I said angered.
“Hey. It’s Parker.”
“What’s up?” I asked not really caring.
“I just wanted to know when you wanted to hang out.”
“I honestly don’t care when.” I said thinking of the woods back in Ireland. My mom and I have had to move a lot and the last place we lived was Ireland.
“Fine then, how about Saturday. I’ll pick you up around 5 after my shift ends.” He said over enthused. “Sure, that sounds cool.” “Ok. We’ll see you at school tomorrow.”
“Ok, wait who’s we?”
“My brother and sisters.” He said making me feel stupid.

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