War of the Winds

Do you remember
chasing the clouds away?
We thought we’d be happy
If we saw a sunny day.

Clouds don’t have feelings
Clouds can’t be alone.
We stood on that hill and
Wished for that golden tone.

They were very persistent, though -
They clutched at our legs, our arms.
We struck them, hit them, broke them
We didn’t hear our own alarms.

It takes time, but more than that;
It takes a part of your whole.
When you chase the clouds away,
The chasing takes part of your soul.

At once, we knew we’d done it -
Our war with clouds was won.
But we beheld each other once more,
And we had lost our intertwined sun.

Clouds don’t go where you want them.
They flut and flit through the sky.
But they bring to life both dark and light.
It’s when we move from shadow we fly.

And when we fought to clear the air,
Battled to free us from their shade -
We became ones who could have no bonds,
The ones with whom nobody stayed.

Do you remember
chasing the clouds away?
We didn’t know we’d run so far,
And now, by ourselves, we lay.

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