Ammit drew his fist back and thrust it down, crushing his hand down through muscle and sinew. His fingers reached into Denwen’s chest, crunching through brittle bone to grip the futile heart inside. With a sickening snap and the sound of skin and blood sliding against each other prominent in his ears, Ammit ripped out the blackened heart. Savagely, in a display of utter dominance and rage, he tore his teeth through it, taking a bite and spat it back out into the serpent’s face.

“That was my Mate you harmed.” Ammit glared into the eyes of the creature beneath him. He drew his sword from his side and raised it above his head. “Tell that to Seth when you see him in hell!” The enormous blade sliced through the air and crashed through Denwen’s flesh, severing his bloody head from his body.

Drained from the fight, Ammit fell to his knees, searching for the eyes of his Mate. Just before he collapsed in a spent heap on the ground, her worried eyes met his own and through a split, bloodied lip…he smiled at her.

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