6/6/33 L.E.

had an interest’g dinner convo with Dammsun yest’day. He commended my work building new theistic religion post-Disaster. Humanity’s need for moral authority. Told him Noah was my inspiration.

Stockpiling cont’s. Control reports our recycling systems not operating efficiently enough, so all must ration. Perfect. Let them think that the power of God allows us to do more with less. Meanwhile, my religion grows stronger than the rest of the colonists on our stockpiled supplies. We will run Alpha Centauri with a strong and just hand! It can’t take much more before the colony is under my control.

8/1/33 L.E.

Colonists are praising Church members for helping feed and supply them in these “lean times.” Thanking us for feeding them food we stole from them! More join the Church every day. The Church, the building itself, is near completion. Control no longer threatens to tear it to the ground. 1 in 3 security officers is a member of the Church. My followers will use the example of Moses when we land.

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