First Days Suck

He sat in front of his blank canvas waiting for the live model to come in. He glanced around the room and studied the other artists. Some were yawning, some were anxious, some were trying to converse with others that didn’t show any interest in returning the favor. Finally he glanced back to the central stage to find the model posed and ready for them to begin. Shockingly, he quickly averted his eyes to his canvas once again for no one informed him this was a NUDE modeling class.
He noticed others were already drawing so he slowly peered over his canvas at the model as she gazed down towards the floor. He then slowly encompased the whole view starting at her face and then lowering his gaze to her flat belly. Her legs were long and hard, her feet were meticulously pedicured. He let his eyes wander as he scanned her body back up to her face when he noticed her mouth had changed. Her mouth was now twisted into a smirking grin.
He quickly looked at her eyes that were staring directly into his own.

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