Dark Room 5: Author's Notes

This is more than just Digital Dreams – it’s two songs. The other is Little 15 by Depeche Mode.

The Song:
The Lyrics:

I’ve had this for years – but it never gelled. The scenes were there – the dad’s devotion to restoring his daughter, and her need to take the only escape she could. But a full narrative didn’t hit me until today. I saw the third character – what he was doing, and how her attempt at vengeance would misfire.

(Oh – the music after ‘When you’ve seen what she’s seen’ – that’s when she hacks in. Run your Tron login sequence.)

I know Digital Dreams doesn’t hit these notes – it just harmonized with the song already in my head. Thank you indeed, Eloquent Mess, for putting the match to the gunpowder.

I know the story leaves out details- thus is the nature of ficly. If you have questions on any part, drop it here and I’ll tell you what I was thinking. Sometimes what you are thinking makes for a better story, though – so don’t just take my word for it. :D

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