The Eyes

They’re everywhere. They say they’re peaceful, and that they haven’t started moving about in the public, but they’re lying. Look at the eyes, it’s all right there. That’s how I knew it was safe to talk to you.

Look at him, for instance. Wait for it. There it is. You missed it? Good, that’s how you know you’re human. Give it a few seconds, you’ll see what I mean.

Open. Close. Open again. It’s a basic human instinct. Yes, I know. We’ve all heard. They’re as close to humans as any race we’ve yet contacted. That’s all well and good, but it’s still damn creepy to me. It’s just not. . . human.

You see, my theory is they’re waiting. They have some sort of psychic power that we don’t know about yet, and they’re trying to store up all the extra energy. And then one day they’re just going to literally blink us out of existe—

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