Green T-Shirt, Pink Shorts

“I can see it!” shrieked the little girl, stomping forward on the red cement. A quarter of a mile away creeps a train. “Yeah, honey,” toned her mom, adding a streak of red to her sketch. “Sh… oot.” She held her sketch up, placing it in front of the falls spilling beneath the railroad bridge.
“Can you see it, mommy?” The little girl, in green t-shirt and pink shorts, danced back to her mom. She stopped when she discovered her blue clay, now under foot. She balanced awkwardly as she attempted to extricate it.
“Mommy, it’s squished.”
Just then, a horrific metal shriek ripped across the park, causing the patrons to start. The source of the shriek, a tanker car, was flipping through the air. It came to a crash in the river, sending up a geyser of water.
Some of the children began to cry. Then it happened again. Suddenly, two more cars launched sideways off the railroad bridge. One of the cars crashed near the first; the other car hit the pink granite rocks which form the shores of the river.
Then, it all began.

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