Soul Mate

You know what T-shirt I like best
My favorite color too
And when I cry silently
You know exactly what to do

You know when it’s my birthday
The right amount of fuss to make
You feel so happy for me
Every triumphal step I take

When I’m being stupid
You’re not afraid to tell me
When I’m working through it
You guide me very gently

At times when I break down
You try to calm the storm
Time changes things outside
But together, anywhere is home

It’s not the feelings I show outside
But the ones behind the eyes
That really matter to a soul mate
Connected by strong ties

You know when to push me
You know when to pull
I needed you for so long
To make my heart feel full

Sometimes I take you for granted
Forgetting about times gone
Before my heart was content
Before you brought the dawn

So this is a reminder to me
To make each day with you
A picture perfect Hallmark moment
Before our time is through

I could never love another
The same as I do you
Who could know me as well?
No one, Soul Mate, but you.

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