[noir 6] A Change of Plans

“The name’s Kevin Lawver.” said the man. “I’m an undercover cop. I’ve been watching you ever since miss Marli showed up at your door. She’s a dangerous woman, Joe. You’ve got no idea the mess you’ve gotten yourself into.”

My jacket and fedora were still on the table where I’d tossed them the previous night. I picked them up then sat down on the bed. “Why should I believe you?” I asked. Something about this guy gave me a bad vibe. “You could be working with whoever kidnapped her.”

“She wasn’t kidnapped. She left with another man last night, headed toward Point Blanche. I watched them drive away.”

“Why didn’t you pursue them?”

“I had to be sure you were okay. That, and you might have information that will help me figure out what they’re up to. I expect you’ll be assisting me, of course.”

“Do I have a choice?” I already knew the answer.

“It’s that, or be considered an accomplice.”

I sighed, defeated. “You’re a very persuasive man, Mister Lawver.”

“I knew you’d come round.” Kevin smiled.

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