Pantera, Pan for short, and yes his parents where huge fans, had an extraordinary gift. He could, without searching or even thinking about it, find any object in the first place he looked. He did not find this talent unusual and it did not occur to him that it could be unusual until he got married to Susan. Susan was the complete opposite. Once she misplaced something it usually stayed lost for a long time until, by some miracle, it reappeared. No amount of hunting, soul searching or brain racking would help. Pan would get so infuriated by the pointless fretting that eventually he undertook all recovery operations.

One day Pan could not find the keys in the first place he looked. He was shocked and a little afraid until he looked somewhere else and found them there. The decline proceeded gradually but relentlessly. 3, 4, 5, 6

Eventually he lost his mind and no amount of prodding could get it back. His wife checked him into an institution where he spent his days haunting the hallways seeking salvation.

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