The Curious Ballad of Tatty Bo Jangles

“Never go into the forest… you hear me?” Stated Mother Goodberry

“That is where he lives and that is where he will get you”

The children thrilled by the story of the child eater known as Tatty Bo Jangles listened intently.

Tatty Bo Jangles i feel i should explain has survived many a years and has terrorized the village of Little Wicktown for as long as the old people can recall always coming night after night always for the children….. The girls, the boys and always without disturbing the parents.

Many rumors of what was done to the children were in existence some say Tatty ate them, others say he made them his slaves, others say he soled them to The Dark One in order to retain his immortality.

The children stood at the opening to the woods where in Tatty’s domain lay they knew they should not go in but their curiosity had the better of them, with a deep breath and squeezing each others hands tightly they entered the shadows.

Suddenly from no where they heard the cry “TATTY BO JANGLES”.

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