What really happened there ?

She said that the guy who had asked her out was an idiot,but we could tell that she liked him.
My friend teased,“What if I go tell him that ?”
Annie did’nt seem to mind but her best friend said, “Really, I did’nt know he was such a good friend of yours .”
There was an awkward silence and class started. No one talked about that again .
But I had a feeling that everything was not ok .Whispers between Annie and her best friend,we did not know anything about.
Several months went by and the next thing we knew was that Annie’s boyfriend had asked my friend her number and she did’nt.It did’nt seem right.
We came back to school after the summer vacation and a lot had changed.People suddenly seemed to
hate my friend and were whispering around us, but no one ever said anything directly.Annie and the guy seemed to have gone to an official couple status…
Annie and her best friend seemed surprisingly friendlier.People looked shocked seeing us like that.One day suddenly,my friend seemed get her respect back again.

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