[noir 12] The Truth Comes Out

“Joe, shoot her!” Marli screamed.

“Drop it, pal.” Said one of the men in the shadows.

“Everybody shut up and back off!” I shouted. “I need some goddamn answers!” I brought the gun up, leveling it first at Jessica, then around the room at everyone else, making sure I was covered.

Mess raised his hands and spoke calmly. “Marli wasn’t lying to you, Joe. But she hadn’t told you the full truth either.” He took a step closer. “Jessica stole Marli’s share of the inheritance a couple years ago, claiming it was for her own good.”

“LIES!” yelled Jessica.

“Shut up!” I shouted, and pointed the gun at her. “Continue, Mess.”

“We needed to get the money back. Marli and I tried working with the feds, but Jessica’s fingers were already in that pie. She tried to have me assassinated. Needless to say it didn’t work, and we couldn’t trust the feds anymore. I left a few days ago, telling Marli I was on an errand. I was really coming here to bargain with Jessica for Marli’s inheritance.”

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