[noir 15] The End Is Nigh

Kevin smirked at me as he stepped forward, kicking the revolver behind him as he kept the pistol aimed at my chest. “Poor boy, didn’t expect the undercover cop to be working for Miss Jessica, did you?”

“But were investigating Marli…” I realized how stupid I sounded, even as I spoke. “You were following her for Jessica, weren’t you? Marli spiked my drink that night, left me to be picked up by you. She and Mess drove up here and…”

“And tried to kill Jessica.” Kevin smiled. “But she knew they were coming, clever girl. She had her guards capture them just as they’d captured you. Then after I brought you here, we brought them out as well, planning on executing you all before the night was through.”

“Why are you telling me all this?” I noticed a stirring from the corner of my eye. Mess wasn’t dead yet…

“Because, before you die, I want you to know just how much you’ve failed. Got yourself caught in a silly game, and now you’re going to die like everyone else.” He pulled back the hammer, grinning.

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