Secret Meeting

“Um.. excuse me?” The other girl asked, her hand on her hip, glaring at Tyson.

“Lola. Uh… I’m sorry about this…” Tyson stumbled.

“Is this a break up?” She demanded.

While Tyson fumbled for an answer, I slipped away. The bell rang as I looked frantically for my next class. I was so thankful this was my first day, because it gave me a perfect excuse for being late.

I finally found the right room and explained the situation to my teacher. She was very understanding about the whole thing and asked me to take a seat.

Half way through class I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out excitedly, hoping it was one of my old friends texting to tell me to have a good day.

Instead I had a text message from an unknown number saying:

Meet me @ the band rm @ the end of the day

I texted back:

Who is this?!

A few minutes later my phone vibrated again.

Tyson. plz?
u have a cell?
yes got it @ begining of yr. will u? ill drive u home
what about ur gf?

This replay took longer. she wont kno

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