The winters are cold
The night leaves me shivering
Follow me as I take you along the hill

Listen as the wolves cries out
Listen as I bring you forth to another life

I don’t want to live my life again
If your not there
With your smile

The air is leaving a chill as I make my way threw the Sematary
The hill loomed in the darkness
Garbage piled high

I can feel children toys beneath my feet
As I made my way over the hill

The skies was filled with dark clouds as I walked over the cliff
The bag weighed me down
I could see the moon
Full and bright as I made my way to the burial sight

Hush the silence with my cries
I don’t want to live my life again

Stories of the past
Of buried cats, children, and as well with live stock buried beyond this cliff.

Whether or not to believe what is told
I chose not to listen
I have made it a decision
To not rest awake at night
Without the settle sounds you bring to my life

Here is where I rest you for now.

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