Winter Coat (a series)

Big bucks. $200 and then some. It was time to leave for a so-called “better” place, like the kind one sees in their dreams but are never entirely sure if they exist. She wondered how anything could be seen as better as the people back home became dust in the distance and the thermometer forced a significantly slower metabolism to keep people from dying in the angry wind.
For the time being, she was still in the familiar heat of her home, the sun keeping its usual demeanor. This is why her winter coat, despite her fascination, rested on a doorknob. She splurged on it, spending $200 on to of her tuition on the recurring notion that she was going to have to buy it anyway. Even as she stuck to her bed to keep the memories from fading too quickly, she undeniably had a desire to wear it.
“It’s pointless to want such a thing—especially now,” she thought. She pulled sheets over her head, making her curves sweat. She thought it best to avoid looking at it. So for a month, her winter coat hung like a new skin.

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