Too Good To Be True(ElshaMightyMess #1)

“So you made how much in one night?!” April stared at her neighbor as her baby threw his rattle on the ground and screamed.
“Five.. hundred.. bucks!” Her bright white teeth gleamed between her red painted lips.
“And your husband doesn’t know?”
“Not a clue!”
“And all you do is..?”
“You know, bat your eyes, flirt, show some skin, you know, the fun stuff!”

April was unsure, but took the business card from her. It sat in her purse for a couple weeks. She forgot about it until it fell out from her checkbook onto the growing stack of bills. She stared at it.

Times were tough. Any extra money would be helpful. She didn’t have to tell Drew about it, she could tell him she got another job, but lie about what it is. Something without an office, where she could use a cell…a House Stager! It required her to dress, up, shop, and paid in chunks, plus she’d have to travel. Perfect!

She dialed the number, her heart in her throat. “Hello, is this Marco? I’m April Fullilove. Jessica Knight referred.. interview? Sure.”

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