The Tower

“My lady, are you sure?”

“Yes, Jonathan, and I’ll thank you not to second-guess me. I watched the rise and fall of my first empire before your ancestors were even born.” The young steward cowered under her sudden, fierce gaze.

Tiana turned back to the the drawings on the table. “It has not been the same since Azdjan left. I have not been the same. You mortals are too short of life. Azdjan and I were together for 10,000 years. His absence reminds me how tiring I find the company of your people.”

“But my lady, what of your land?”

“Take it, if you wish. Once the tower is built, I shan’t care for such mundane things.”

“My lady —”

“Quiet, Jonathan. Fetch me the architect. I have some more questions.”

Tiana heard the door close softly as she traced the drawing of the tower with her finger. The tower would be well-fortified; she could live there for thousands of years if she wished. She looked through the window at her friend, the moon, and wondered again, Azdjan, where did you go?

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