One Wish

My coffee had long since been finished and the sun was setting outside, but I was still sitting at the same table in the coffee shop with the other Kat. She had made me start about my Kat and now I couldn’t stop. It was like a floodgate that had opened and I couldn’t close it.

“She endured so much…When she was young, she lived in an abusive home. I used to climb up to her window at night and sneak into her room. I’d hold her as she cried because her father had hit her again. She would tell me how she wished that she could have wings to fly away. I’d hold her and tell her that she was just like a caged bird and that I was going to help her out of that cage someday. I remember the day we got married…” I trailed off, unable to finish.

I’m so happy, Jacob
I would hope you’re happy being married to me.
Haha, seriously, I’ve never been happier
Me either. How’s life now that you can spread your wings?
I don’t think I need my wings anymore
Oh? Why not?
I’m happy right where I am; I don’t want to leave.

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